Your own Private Work Space


Our properties have built a special community of painters, photographers, filmmakers, fashion designers, writers and other small businesses.  This niche has led to some great collaborations while also giving other artists privacy in their work.  We take pride knowing that several of our tenants have had great success in the art and business world while working in their studio in Tribeca.

Additional Amenities

Buildings have 24 hour access 7 days a week.  Every studio is private, lockable, and has its own mailbox.  In addition, every property has elevator access, high speed internet availability, and most studios have their own slop sink.   There is an on site handyman, super, and all common areas are cleaned daily, Monday through Friday.

Some of the Studio uses

We take pride in our diverse tenant base.  A larger creative community of artists have established their work here.  This community includes Painters, Photographers, Film-Makers, Writers, Printers, Fashion Designers, Architects, Framers, Video Game designers, Costume Makers, Hair and Makeup designers, and many more.  In additional several small offices include Information Technology, Computer Repair, Therapy, Acupuncture, Wedding Planning, Consultants, Contractors, Product Production and more.  It is truly a great atmosphere and a wonderful group of people.  Office are commercial only and can not be used for residential.